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We offer a comprehensive method for liquidating your household items. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation appointment. We come to your home to assess the contents and work with you to determine the action plan which would be best for your situation.

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Estate/House Liquidation

We can conduct a professional estate sale for you.  Services include:

  • Conducting a 4-day sale: maximizing not only your output but the percentage of items sold(2- or 3-day sales also conducted if appropriate) Securing sale permit for the appropriate village if required
  • Online advertising: highly detailed ads, with thorough descriptions and many quality photos
  • Newspaper advertising (optional): ads are kept succinct, referring readers to the customized online ad
  • E-Mail notification of private customer: our customers love our sales and eagerly look forward to the next ones !
  • Beautifully staging items within the home to entice buyers: we provide everything needed to professionally display items including tables, table coverings, lighting, clothing racks, risers and jewelry display. We fully skirt our tables in gorgeous fabric and use vintage display pieces, giving the sale a charming yet upscale look.
  • Capturing local traffic with thoughtfully placed signage
  • Conducting the sale with experienced, hard-working sales staff 
  • Cheerfully accepting credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express) and personal checks, never imposing dollar amount limits on customers 
  • Providing after the sale recommendations for removal of unsold items (or this can be coordinated for you if needed): Charity groups who not only pick up, but pack up unsold items within the home and provide a tax-deductible receipt at no charge to you. Cleanout services who remove all desired items from the home and leave the premises broom-swept. Professional cleaning services who vacuum/mop floors, clean countertops and bathrooms.
  • Prompt payment of sales proceeds and detailed report of sales results: we do not just hand you cash after the sale. A comprehensive estate sale package is sent which includes a report with EVERY item sold regardless of price itemized and a sheet summarizing the results of the sale so you can feel confident the sale has been conducted in an above-board manner.

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