Jewelry Expertise

We have a great passion for jewelry and go above and beyond to get top dollar for your jewelry. Whether you have only jewelry to sell or jewelry as part of the estate, we can help! We clean and repair jewelry to prepare it for sale and attach tamper-proof price tags. If time permits, we will attach earrings and pins to colorful paper cards for added presentation. The extra money you receive from presenting cleaned, repaired and staged jewelry oftentimes pays for our service to sell it.

Sterling silver and gold jewelry

weighed and the gram weight in addition to the decorative value are taken into consideration when priced. The jewelry is displayed in beautiful wood cases and monitored at the cashier. Only one piece at a time is presented to the customers for viewing.

Costume jewelry

priced depending upon the designer, condition and decorative value. Pieces of higher value are displayed in wood cases. Other pieces are displayed in vintage mirrored vanity trays and hung on vintage candelabras to make a spectacular presentation.

Both jewelry designers and jewelry aficionados alike love our sales because of the large and unique selection. They also love to buy non-jewelry items! If you do not have jewelry to sell, don't despair. Contact us to find out how offering our jewelry caravan at your sale can potentially reduce your commission rate and increase traffic to your sale.